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A typical Venice Simplon Orient Express Journey

The 1920’s were a time for glamorous luxury travel either as part of a Grand tour to sample the architecture, music and art, as a honeymoon or anniversary, or simply a spiffing time in Venice or Verona with your chums. Nowadays this luxury Venice Simplon Orient Express Trip can be taken again in similar style.

Your Venice Simplon Orient Express package starts boarding a Belmond Pullman train at London’s Victoria station with only an overnight bag – your main luggage will travel separately to you as there is not room in the cabin to store it.

Enjoy a light brunch as you travel to Folkestone where you will board a luxury coach for the trip through the tunnel to meet the Venice Simplon Orient Express train on the other side and enter a different era.

On the other side you will step aboard what is currently the longest train in Europe, The Venice Simplon Orient Express.

The steward will help you aboard and show you to your carriage.

There is the choice of a twin bunk cabin or Twin extra room Cabin suite, which both have their own wash basins, whilst the toilets are communal in each carriage.

The Twin extra room Cabin Suite is 2 twin bunk cabins combined so you can choose to have one room set up as a bedroom and the other as your day room, or you can have a single bed in each for those that do not want to climb the ladder to the top bunk.

Alternatively you can chose to upgrade to the level of a Grand suite which comes complete with champagne, a double/ twin room, an extra sitting room and an en-suite with shower.

These Grand Suites are very popular so you need to book these early if you want to be in one of them on your Iconic Venice Simplon Orient Express holiday.

There is a fascinating history attached to each of the carriages with different decorations and interesting motifs inbuilt to them; one was even used as by the “ladies of the night” during the war! The water is heated by small coal boilers in each carriage which are kept topped up so you never run out.

There are up to seventeen carriages fixed to the locomotive with three for staff and the kitchens, three are dining carriages and one bar carriage. The remaining carriages are a mixture of the different cabin options for you. Each carriage is different with their own individual decoration, upholstery and marquetry.

Your steward will welcome you with a welcome glass of bubbly and explain to you the options and times for dining on the Venice Simplon Orient Express (two sittings are held for lunch and dinner).

He will also take orders for afternoon tea (fantastic pastries and pure tea served in bone china cups and plates), and will then leave you in peace to the scenery of Europe flowing past your window.

Such is the skill of the train schedule that you will be able to observe the most interesting of the scenery before dark.

Enjoy dressing for dinner before you visit the bar for a cocktail prior to your 4 course dinner and immerse yourself in the 1920s atmosphere in this gorgeous carriage with a piano and quite often a singer to entertain you.

Your Venice Simplon Orient Express package offers a dining experience which can be taken in one of three carriages which are all completely different in ambience but which all serve the same food expertly cooked using fresh ingredients to a superb standard.

When you book your Venice Simplon Orient Express holiday you will be asked if you have any dietary needs as the chef does need prior notice – they only have room to store exactly what is required for the journey as everything is cooked fresh in the tiny kitchens, and there really is no spare space at all!

They also like to know if you are celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or even if it is a honeymoon.

Whilst you are at dinner your steward will prepare your cabin for the night for you so all you have to do is relax and enjoy the experience of being a part of history with the Venice Simplon Orient Express trips, and being treated like nobility.

The following morning breakfast can be enjoyed in your own cabin in bed!. Your Orient Express steward will agree your wake up call time and will bring you fresh croissants with pastries and coffee or tea. Sit up in bed and enjoy the scene beyond the window in front of you.

Later on this is followed by a 3 course lunch all enjoyed watching the lovely scenery rolling past your windows. In the bar car where coffee is served engage in conversation with your fellow travellers, relaxed and stress free on your Venice Simplon Orient Express package.

Very quickly a real community is created on board and you will enjoy chatting to the others at the bar or even between tables whilst dining.

On arrival in Venice collect your luggage and take a water taxi to your hotel to settle in and boast about your Venice Simplon Orient Express experience before you enjoy a day in Venice with various options open to you for day visits.

If alighting slightly earlier at the Verona stop you can also book a night time trip to the Opera as part of your Venice Simplon Orient Express holiday.

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