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Il Ballo del Doge

The Doges ball is perhaps the most refined and sophisticated of the balls, held in memory of the terrified Doge, (Chief magistrate), who ordered that a church to the Madonna should be built so that she could bless and watch over the Venetians in order to cure the terrible plague epidemics that were decimating the port population.

The rats and their fleas killed thousands of people in Venice including the original Doge who died of the plague. His predecessor carried on with his good works and so the Doges were respected men in Venice.

Il Ballo del Doge is the celebrated VIP Venice Masked Ball with internationally acclaimed celebrities attending in total anonymity; masked and in costume they are very seldom recognised unless they choose to expose their faces!

Il Ballo del Doges ball is probably the most prestigious of the Venice masked balls at the Venice Carnival. Italian Short Breaks are proud to present to you their Venice Carnival package which includes attending Il Ballo del Doge’s ball.

You also have the option of upgrading to the top level tickets so as to get you close to the stage to watch the amazing performances so that you can really be a VIP.

The ateliers will fit you with your historically detailed outfit for your Venice Carnival experience and made sure that you can move and be comfortable in it.

Then, feeling incredible, you can walk in the Venetian sunshine where the tourists will be wanting to pose with you and have their photos taken to prove that they have mixed with the rich and famous! Your photos will travel with them to all destinations.

Once you enter Il Ballo del Doge you will feel very much in character which will heighten your enjoyment and you will feel like genuine nobility!

An aperitif will be served as soon as you arrive on your water taxi to the Canal entrance.

Your meal will be a superb four course menu cooked by Michelin starred chefs, which is chosen when you book and you have the choice of vegetarian if desired, served by waiters in formal Venetian costumes.

The entertainment which greets you is globally acclaimed and consists of musicians with street entertainers, acrobats and fantastical characters; you expect nothing else when on a Venice Carnival trip!

Once you have enjoyed your dinner you can wander throughout the rooms, enjoying the entertainment and lavish decoration in all the rooms.

Dining on the Noble floor, Il Ballo del Doge, Venice

Musicians at Il Ballo del Doge, Venice carnival

Italian Short Breaks have also included in your Venice Carnival package the extension of your costume hire so you have an extra day included to behave like nobility and walk around the streets in your costumes posing for photographs.

Be prepared for many people taking photographs of you with their phone/ Cameras!

In order to absorb the Venice Carnival atmosphere in the best possible way we recommend you take your own comfortable shoes, decorated with bows and artificial flowers perhaps so that you are comfortable whilst you are walking.

What to pack for Venice Carnival

So you are off on a Venice Carnival Trip and you are particularly excited about your Venice Masked Ball, but are not sure what you should take with you.

Obviously you will need to pack the usual essentials for a trip abroad , and bear in mind to take a warm jacket as it can still be quite cool as Venice Carnival is in February. However most people are unsure about what to take for the Venice Masked Ball itself which you will be attending in historical costume…

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What to Pack for Venice Carnival

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We guarantee your information will not be shared
with others. If at any stage you would like to cancel this then please e-mail info@weekendalacarte.co.uk informing us and we will remove your details from our database.