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The Mascheranda Ball

The Mascheranda Ball – The Venice masked ball renowned for being a great party!

All of the Venice masked balls at Venice Carnival are masked, but the Mascheranda Ball is the only one that is called the Venice masked ball.

Historically all Venice Carnival balls were just masked fun parties with each different host trying to outdo the others. It was a matter of what they could afford, who their contacts were and how much prestige they held in society. In many ways nothing has changed!

As Venice’s political influence declined all sorts of debauchery flourished with the top society people behaving increasingly badly- newly rich and ready to gamble, party and live the dream, no expense was spared in order to seek pleasure.

Carnival time was an exciting way to meet new people and flirt outrageously without anybody knowing who you were. Many affairs were preceded with a Venice masked ball and were accepted as normal with morals being thrown out of the window. 

Nowadays the Mascheranda ball has extracted all the best fun bits and is the masked ball to attend and celebrate life!  Hopefully the immoral side has been left in history!

Strictly a Venetian masked ball, it has absorbed all of the preceding generation’s sense of fun, party and celebration and of course you must be masked and suitably dressed in Venetian costumes but do bring your sense of fun and adventure – this party is for you!

The fantastic ateliers will ensure that all of your costume detail is accurate and that you feel amazing and encourage you to promenade the streets to display their skilful art. Expect to be captured on many cameras as tourists seek you out to take your photograph.  

Just imagine posing in costume in St Mark’s square or by the canal – endless memories captured.

Promenade in your Venice Carnival historical costume as you survey the gift stalls at the side of the roads with different vendors selling everything you could possibly want from food to souvenirs.

Our top Venice Carnival tip though is not to forget to take your own comfortable shoes which can be made fancier with the addition of bows or artificial flowers as the ones provided by the Venetian Carnival ateliers can be ill fitting and ruin your promenade and indeed the Mascheranda Ball itself which would be a travesty.

Today Venice Carnival trips include all the fun that our ancestors could possibly derive along with a sheer abundance of luxury.

The Mascheranda Ball takes place in the Palazzo Pisani Moretta in Venice, a fantastic stunning venue that once was a family home, so you get to feel like a celebratory dressed in Venetian dress complete with wig and mask.

Your water taxi will take you along the Grand Canal so that you arrive just in time for an aperitif and a chance to mingle with the other celebrities who are attending the ball, each with their own handwritten invitation.

This is Venice Carnival so the entertainment begins as soon as your arrive with jugglers, fire eaters, palmists, a baroque quartet and fortune tellers. Once everybody has arrived at the palace you will be directed to the Noble rooms for dinner – a four course meal with a choice of menu to suit all tastes including vegetarian and, if you

upgrade to the VIP level tickets, you can sit in the main room where the stage is set so that you can continue to enjoy the entertainment as you eat. 

Once dinner is over there will be dancing in the ball room with the dance master encouraging you to learn the traditional dances, join in and have fun, entertainment and party games, competitions for you to join in such as the election of Casanova of the night along with his lady and more outrageous fun until after midnight when there is a live pop group and modern dancing can be undertaken.

What a unique short weekend break experience! Be coddled with luxury; attend a unique fun party Venice Carnival ball, enjoy good food, admiration from the tourists and posing for photos – a Venice Carnival package with everything you could possibly want to have a really fun experience.

Add to this the delight of being in Venice, the most romantic city in the world and your Venice Carnival Package with Italian Short Breaks is really something very special.

What to pack for Venice Carnival

So you are off on a Venice Carnival Trip and you are particularly excited about your Venice Masked Ball, but are not sure what you should take with you.

Obviously you will need to pack the usual essentials for a trip abroad, and bear in mind to take a warm jacket as it can still be quite cool as Venice Carnival is in February. However most people are unsure about what to take for the Venice Masked Ball itself which you will be attending in historical costume.

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What to pack for Venice Carnival

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