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The Tiepolo Ball

Arriving in Venice on your Venice Carnival trip you will  take your water taxi to your hotel close to all of the action at St Marks square, and once checked in, you will likely have your costume fitting for the Venice masked ball that you are attending; the Tiepolo Ball.

Once you are satisfied it is perfect go out and promenade around Venice feeling like Venetian nobility at a time of great riches. You could well be rubbing shoulders with nobility also “taking the air” before the various grand Venetian Masked balls start.

During the historical Venice Carnival season there would have been many people selling goods on the street edges and there still are today – your mask gives you the power to say a polite “No” or nod in the affirmative and purchase a novel trinket to take home.

Perhaps take something to eat at one of the many cafes who will encourage you enthusiastically to get you to sit outside in your historical Venice Carnival costume where people will want to take your photograph, (you could pull in more trade for their café!). Just bear in mind that some of the Venice Carnival masks make it impossible to eat or drink whilst wearing them!

Then this evening enjoy the party of a lifetime at your Venice masked ball at a genuine Venetian home designed in late Gothic style, rubbing shoulders with the International jet set. All of you will be disguised in Venetian costumes complete with wigs, hats and masks, and you will leave the Tiepolo Ball having truly experienced a lavish party thrown Venetian style.

Your Venice Carnival evening will be based at the Palazzo Pisani Moretti on the Grand Canal. Arrive by water boat into the superb candlelit first floor, clutching your handcrafted invitation, where you will be offered aperitifs.

Once all of the Venice Carnival Masked Ball guests have arrived the Noble floor will open for dinner.

If you have paid for Venice Carnival VIP tickets (be quick there are not many of these!) you will be sat directly in front of the stage so you can see the full performance without having to move.

During this Venice Masked Ball there are entertainers throughout the Palace, some singing operas, some juggling or performing acrobatics and, of course, playing classical music.

So you will be entertained throughout dinner which will consist of a four course fish supper designed by a Michelin star chef. If  you are vegetarian or an avid meat eater please advise when you book as there is a separate menu for you.

One of the side benefits of the Tiepolo Ball is that you are free to wander through the rooms before you sit for the meal and admire the artworks and ceiling frescoes painted by Giambattista Tiepolo, one of the foremost Venetian painters. There are many others who have their art displayed throughout this amazing classical palace too for you to enjoy.

Once dinner is finished and your stomachs are groaning with all of the rich food, you will be invited to dance and will be taught some of the basic steps to the more popular traditional Venice Ball dances such as the Minuetto and the Cotilon.

The dance master at the Tiepolo Ball will teach you everything you need; this is all done in good humour and you will feel like a true Venetian prince or princess once you have mastered the gentle, graceful steps. Once the instruction is finished you get the chance to show off your skills and dance the night away.

During the breaks you will be offered hot chocolate, Venetian pastries and chocolates along with prosecco – if you feel you can manage to eat anything more!

Once you are done stroll through the streets back to your hotel to dream of Venice as it was having experienced an authentic Tiepolo Ball at the Venice Carnival. A Venice Carnival Holiday really is a trip of a lifetime!

What to pack for Venice Carnival

So you are off on a Venice Carnival Trip and you are particularly excited about your Venice Masked Ball, but are not sure what you should take with you.

Obviously you will need to pack the usual essentials for a trip abroad , and bear in mind to take a warm jacket as it can still be quite cool as Venice Carnival is in February. However most people are unsure about what to take for the Venice Masked Ball itself which you will be attending in historical costume.

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What to pack for Venice Carnival

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