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Things to do when in Rome

Why the Rome Caracalla Opera?

Every summer the Baths of Caracalla concerts begin in both July and August. Whilst an opera evening is always spectacular, the open air opera in Rome goes one step further.

In truth only Rome can live up to it style, the Baths of Caracalla concerts perform operas, ballets and gala evenings all with the backdrop of the Roman ruins!

As you walk through the Baths of Caracalla, you get to see the immense scale that this site originally took and even with only ruins remaining, this is no less impressive.

What to do on our Rome Caracalla Opera Holiday

Rome is a fantastic city for visiting all year round, especially in the early spring and autumn months, as it does suffer from overcrowding.

As well as your Baths of Caracalla Opera tickets, Rome is packed with fantastic experiences, from discovering the Colosseum, Old Forum and Vatican City, to the Capitoline Museums and the Capuchin Catacombs.

The main sights on your private Rome break speak for themselves – the Vatican, St Peter’s Basilica, the Coliseum and the Roman Forum, however, other great sights include the excellent Capitoline Museums, Borghese Gallery and the Pantheon. Please note the Capitoline Museums are located by an underground walkway connecting the two buildings, and with an additional three floors above ground, you will definitely be having a break on the top floor café.

The Borghese Gallery is famous for Bernini’s “The Rape of Persephene”, where you can actually see the marble indents made into Persephene’s skin – a first for the art world. The Pantheon is best visited at 12 pm when the sun’s rays come through the oculus.

Whilst most sights can be visited on foot, there are nearby taxis to help you get around, along with a range of sightseeing buses to help you cover each of the different districts on your to do list. Don’t underestimate the hills!

Our Top Tip?

Why not add in an evening Lights & Laser Show at the Old Forum. Located very close to Hotel Forum, this is the perfect way of finding out more about Rome’s past by attending one of the two shows put on each evening of the week. These alternate between the story of Julius Caesar and the history of Rome, both of which are projected onto the Old Forum sites as you step through the ruins. Very scenic!

Why we love Hotel Forum

The true history of Rome is the Colosseum and the Old Forum, with Hotel Forum conveniently located in between the two. This hotel has a rooftop breakfast restaurant with views overlooking the Forums, and is also close for those opting to do the evening Lights & Laser show.

Whether you are only in Rome for several days or longer, this hotel is the perfect 4 star base.


A private Rome break can be experienced all months of the year so the climate changes considerably. In winter expect temperatures to be around 3c, autumn 15c, spring 24c and summer in the 30c, although in the city this will be feel even hotter due to the humidity. Rome is a city of hills so getting around in the summer heat can be challenging if you don’t stop for regular breaks and/or use public transport to shorten your exposure to the sun on long walks between the main sites. This is a good excuse for gelato breaks however, and the very best of these is Via del Govorno Vecchio in the Centro Storica region, named Frigradorium. But do expect to queue for it as it is recognised as Number 1 in the city.

Packing List

Depending on the time of year you travel will influence whether you are looking at coats and layers or summer clothing, however, you will need to be in smart/casual attire for your Baths of Caracalla concert evening. As the weather can still be in the late 20c late at night, we recommend you leave your suit and tie at home, for this reason.

Please note Rome is a very humid city, so keeping yourself hydrated is very important. However, Rome can still suffer from the odd wet day, so it is always best to have a light summer mac with a hood in case of a rain cloud.

It is recommended not to bring a rucksack, as many museums and churches will make you leave this in a locker or even refuse entry. The best option is a cross body bag as this is harder for someone unscrupulous to steal. Whilst you need to be aware of your belongings at all times in Rome, there is plenty of security all around you, which helps to reduce the chance of crime.

Please note if you wish to visit any religion sites whilst in Rome, you will need to have upper arms and knees covered or you might not be allowed admittance.

Security is everywhere in Rome, especially at the main sights in the summer months, and so you will probably have your bag and person checked before you enter most places. This is for your own safety and we recommend you comply fully. For this reason we would recommend allowing extra time to see each of the sites on your list.

UK Airports

Most regional UK airports fly into either Fiumicino or Ciampino, Rome’s two airports.

Why Us?

Getting Caracalla Opera tickets can be a challenge, but we have access to the best seats as well as including not just private airport but private opera transfers to Caracalla and back. This takes the stress out of the situation and lets you enjoy your special occasion holiday like a VIP.

All of our trips can be tailor-made to suit you whether that means adding on a few more days, some additional tours or advice on which hotel or second city to add, we can help with all this and more.

Our Caracalla opera breaks are designed to make the most of your time, but also create a schedule that provides you with time to wander and explore.

Having a hotel right in the heart of ancient Rome means you are not dependent on bus groups to transfer you where you want to go.

To find out more about our Splendours of the Caracalla Rome Festival break.

To find out more about our Rome Caracalla Opera Trips.

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