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Introducing Naples

There are many perks to working for Italian Short Breaks. Being able to help people plan that special birthday, wedding anniversary etc occasion, getting great feedback from those that have recently returned from one of our trips, sometimes even making a trip that was thought of as impossible in a person’s eyes happen. All of these are great, but one of my favourites has to be creating new breaks. This is even more enhanced when it’s to a new area!

For a while now Italian Short Breaks has been focusing on strengthening the opera trips that we offer and so we would be remiss if we didn’t create some new ones. Whilst currently we have many clients who find us through the Verona Arena’s summer opera open-air venue and then return to take in either a night at La Scala Opera House in Milan, or a second open-air experience in Lucca at the Puccini Festival at Torre del Largo, Naples also has its own stunning option.

Teatro San Carlo is a beautiful opera house with a full range of operas and ballets to choose from. With the exception of August when Teatro San Carlo, like many of the opera houses; closes its doors, you can take in a night seeing a classic opera like Aida, Carmen, La Traviata for example, all year round. More importantly, you will be seated in the Super Stall seats, which are the very best in the house. Located on the ground around halfway back affords that perfect stage perspective and helps you to appreciate the magnificence of the sets in front of you.

But Naples isn’t just about opera and not just your usual city break. You also have an atmospheric city which exists as much below ground as above. Being on the coast with some stunning views overlooking the Bay of Naples, we of course had to include a 4 star hotel with a balcony room with your own sea view to wake up to each morning.  

We appreciate some of our guests like to have time to explore and wander at their own pace, whilst others like to have a tour, so we have catered for both options! We include a Naples Pass Card which provides 72hrs of discounted travel, which begins with free access to the first three sites you visit. All sites after this have a 20% discount. You also get a discount in some of the local shops and restaurants, and, because we know exploring can get tiring, you have free local transport on the Hop On, Hop Off buses and the Metro. For those more tech-friendly, this can all be accessed by an app which provides useful information including opening hours of the sites, along with maps.

If however, you would prefer to be guided, then we have a 2hr Naples City tour, which includes a good orientation of the city, main sites and scenic viewpoints.

With many more airlines now offering flights into Naples, you have a better chance of flying from your regional UK airport, and with flight times averaging around 2.5hrs, you won’t be wasting much of your holiday time in the air.

Bel Canto Naples Opera Break 

To help complement our new Naples Opera trip, we have also looked at other options for those who have more time, and the obvious one was combining Naples Opera and Sorrento, so we have put together a trip that covers this also. Some of the new tours include Mount Vesuvius, Amalfi and not one but two stunning boat experiences.

Lastly, with new tours from Sorrento, we have been inspired to revise our current Sorrento trip to take in more of the region. Just three fantastic reasons to look at this incredibly versatile area!

Whether you have been before or are experiencing this area for the first time, with all of our trips being tailor-made to you, the website is only the starting point however. We can make these trips longer, shorter; keep you busy with more tours, or a few extra days to relax around the pool. It’s your holiday, so you tell us!

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with others. If at any stage you would like to cancel this then please e-mail info@weekendalacarte.co.uk informing us and we will remove your details from our database.