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Venice Carnival – Two Wonderful Options

Every year sees thousands of people flock to Venice to witness and take part in the Venice Carnival, however, most of these people will be confined to taking photos of the attendees in their beautiful period costumes. For those who want to attend the Venice Carnival but don’t know which ball to choose, this is the perfect guide!

The Mascheranda Ball

The Mascheranda Ball is the ultimate party ball! For those who want to dress up and participate, then this is the one to choose. There are competitions through the evening including who is the best Casanova of the Night, along with first class entertainment including jesters, clowns and acrobats. All of this takes place in the stunning Palazzo Pisani Moretta, which features some of the most beautiful frescos in Venice. Make sure to wander around the Noble Rooms where the ball takes place to see them all.

After your arrival welcome drink, you have the choice of either dining in one of the side rooms or in the main hall. The side rooms are smaller and you are around tables of 8-10 people in total. After your Michelin Star dinner you are free to wander to the main hall for the entertainment and dancing. Alternatively for an additional supplement you can dine in the main hall while the entertainment takes place around you and the Baroque band are near, ensuring you never miss a thing.

Once the dining has been completed the Master of Dance gets you up on your feet to learn some of the main Venice Carnival dances. This usually includes the cotillion and minuetto. From midnight the disco and DJ begins on the ground floor where you can either dance 21st century or continue in the 18th!

The Tiepolo Ball

In comparison the Tiepolo Ball is for those who want a more traditional ball and features a higher level of period dancing. The ball still takes place at Palazzo Pisani Moretta, but make sure when you take in the frescos you look up! The ceiling fresco was painted by Tiepolo himself and is titled “The Meeting of Mars and Venus.”

Venice Carnival 2018 celebrates the 21st season for this prestigious ball and is sure to promise something extra special!

The dining options are the same as that of the Mascheranda Ball, however, whilst at the first ball you have the option of fish or vegetarian, for the Tiepolo Ball they have now introduced three menus; meat, fish or vegetarian.

Then you have plenty of time to learn the traditional dances with the Master of Dance. If you can still feel your feet at the end of this, take to the live DJ and disco for the last few hours of the evening before the ball finishes.

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