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Why Verona?

So you’ve decided you want to go to Italy for the opera, but now you have to choose which location. There is La Scala in Milan, La Fenice in Venice, the Puccini Festival in Lucca and the Arena in Verona. All offer fantastic experiences, but whereas the first two are in dedicated opera houses of stunning design, only the latter are open-air venues. Whilst the Puccini Festival takes place overlooking the lake and is very scenic, for first timers to the Italy region scene, I recommend Verona.

La Scala, Milan                                   La Fenice, Venice (copyrighted to Michele Crosera)                  Puccini Festival, Lucca


Why Verona?

Situated in idyllic surroundings being only several hours from Venice, Milan, Siena for the Palio horse race, Florence and for those wanting the lake, Lake Garda, Verona is perfect for those wanting either a short city break or looking to extend. Indeed we have many clients who return and extend their trip with Lake Garda or a second city. This little city offers a night at the opera (or two!) along with enough options to choose from to fill a few days.

But why Verona for the opera?

There is nowhere more scenic than enjoying a night at the opera in an open-air Roman Arena built in 72AD! Whilst the arena was built for a very different purpose, it makes the most ideal opera venue as the acoustics are amazing from whichever seats you sit in.

For us however, there can be no better viewing position than the Gold Central Stall seats, which are the best in the arena. Whilst the stone steps are more authentic, the reality of hours sitting on cold stone and the climb up to them, can be quite trying on the body, whereas the Gold Central Stall are on the ground, seated in plastic chairs with a comfy padded cushion. No climbing required! In fact, we love these seats so much, we offer all our clients a Complimentary Free Upgrade from the Central Stall seats (second best category) to the Gold Central Stall (the best).

So, why Italian Short Breaks?

While there are of course other tour operators offering Verona, we have plenty of good reasons why you should choose us. We specialise in special occasion breaks, so for us this begins from the moment you make contact with us. If you are worried about the thought of travelling the distance through the airport, please don’t. We can add in Special Airport Assistance for you. If it’s worrying that age can be a barrier, we can recommend travel insurance for the over 75 market. If however, you have never arranged a trip before, then don’t worry, this is our forte. Once we understand from you exactly what you are looking for, we can recommend specific hotels, tours or way of doing your trip that work for you. All of the team have been to Verona so we know the hotels and tours we are promoting, first hand. For example, we appreciate everyone is different and whereas some people might want a more modern hotel, you may be more interested in a traditional setting.

Perhaps you worry about being part of a group, in which case you will love our private airport transfers that transport you directly from the airport to your hotel without waiting on others. Or maybe, the thought of travelling without a group makes you hesitant about travelling. Again, you need not worry. Verona is a small, self contained safe city, and with our Verona Pass Card that helpfully comes with a map pinpointing all the free, beat the queues local sights, you will be happy to explore without a tour guide!

All of the hotels we recommend are within a 5-10mins walk from the arena; the main focus point of Verona. This means you can easily walk to the arena for your night at the opera, without relying on a bus or taxi. It also means you are free to wander around the local sights, restaurants and shops, all of which Verona has in high numbers!

And the main reason you would use us over others? All of our trips can be totally tailor-made to you. We don’t do set departures with set tours, we make your break exactly as you want it. If you want longer, shorter, more tours, a second night at the opera (or third, schedule permitting!), then we can arrange this for you. Similarly if you want a hotel nearer to the arena or to add on a second city or time on nearby Lake Garda, we can do this for you also. If it’s a case of making the most of that special occasion, we can certainly recommend some good options for making your loved one feel truly cherished!

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with others. If at any stage you would like to cancel this then please e-mail info@weekendalacarte.co.uk informing us and we will remove your details from our database.